Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about TiFamily..


What is Panic?

Send Panic alert to family member when you are in trouble.

To change Panic settings :
Main Screeen >> Menu >> Settings >> Panic settings

What is Sync Interval and Gps Interval?

Gps Interval : TiFamily takes every location of your device after fixed gps interval time.

Sync Interval : TiFamily syncs with server after fixed sync interval time.

Note : You can change this from Main Screen >> Menu >> Admin Settings >> Select Member.


Remove member from Geofence

If you want geofence alerts for specific member then follow below steps :
Go to Main Screen >> Menu >> Geofencing >> Enter Password >> Select Place >> Place Settings >> Device >> check or uncheck member >> update

What is Geofence?

Geofence is dynamically generated location.It can be a predefined set of boundaries, like school,office,home etc.After that whenever your family member will come inside or go outside from that place, all family members get notification for that.

How to Add Geofence?

To set Geofence :

Main Screen >> Menu >> Geofencing >> Enter Password >> Add Place.

Set your place name and place range using slider.
You can also update it whenever you want.


How to Add Member in Family?

You can add member by two ways :
1) Install TiFamily in other device.
2) Click on “Already Exist” button.
3) Enter same Email and Password.
1) Invite member from your device using invite code.
Refer to get your invite code.
2) After installing TiFamily in other member click on Invitation Link.

How to get / use Invitation Code?

If you have already created family, you can invite member by clicking on + sign at TiFamily home screen as below.

– Click on Invite Member button to invite other member with any app as per your preference.


– Your family member will receive invitation link and invitation code content.
– Tell your family member to click on invitation link or put that invitation code into Invited Member screen which is received on welcome screen

3– After completion of above steps by your family member, you can see your family member in your family.


How to get current Location of members?

To get latest locations of all members:
Main Screen >> Refresh
Main Screen >> Menu >> Locations >> Refresh

How to get direction to members?

Get Direction to Member :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Family Info >> Select Member >> Direction

How to Get instant location of member?

To get instant location of Member :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Family Info >> Select Member >> Instant Location*

* Member device must connect with internet.

What is CheckIn?

Share your current location to all family members.

Do you get wrong locations from your members?

We are supporting below three way to find location of device.
a. using GPS (very accurate about 50 meter, but may not work in device inside building)
b. using device internet  (accurate about 100 Meter, need internet availability)
c. using device cellular tower information. ( work without internet, GPS, but low accuracy about 1-5KM)

To get accurate result we would suggest to enable “Settings >> Location and security >> Use wireless networks”.


How to send Message?

To send text messages, Images, Audio :
Go to Main Screen >> Menu >> Messages >> Select member >> send message


How to Change Notification Icon or Title?

To change Notification Settings :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Settings >> Notification Settings >> Custom Image

How to change Password?

To change Password :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Admin Settings >> Enter Password >> Change Password

How to change Sync Interval?

To change Sync Interval time :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Admin Settings >> Enter Password >> Select member >> change Sync Interval time(in seconds)

How to Enable or Disable notification?

To enable or disable Notification Settings :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Settings >> Notification Settings >> Enable notification to get notificaion Or Disable notification to stop notification

How to change MAP Type?

To change MAP :
Main Screen >> Menu >> Settings >> Map Type

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