TiFamily is 100% free. TiFamily is an application that takes all your family members together. You will always feel your family near you. TiFamily is a startup located in Ahmedabad, India. We constantly improve and enhance our product for customers. We are a young and dynamic company with innovative ideas as compared to the competition. Our product is gaining the customer trust and satisfaction by a huge margin over the competition. Our aim is to offer protect, monitor and remotely manage personal information and details between members. TiFamily allows you to see your family members on single map with no extra software.

TiFamily is the best family safety service for parents who wish to ensure their children and family members are protected and safe all day long. We are using advance location technology to get accurate location of each members. Now you can use the advance controlling and monitoring features of TiFamily on your Android device. TiFamily is useful for families, friends, corporate employees for keep in touch whole day with each others. We have started with the Android platform but very soon we will put TiFamily for iOS platform and other platforms that gives users the same experience as they enjoy now on Android platform.